HOW TO HAVE FRIENDS (well, at least more than you have now)

  1. dont speak only about one thing-vary your topics a bit!
  2. ask questions!
  3. be kind
  4. dress uniquely in a way that makes you happy.
  5. being right is not always the most important thing. if being wrong will let people hurt others, do not step down.
  6. try to learn to differ between playful teasing and actual harm. do not let someone you dont trust tease you.
  7. everyone wants to feel heard and important.
  8. do not dump all the info you know at once without express permission.
  9. be interested in others
  10. body language!!! use confident body language and show that youre listening in the case of an important discussion!
  11. reflect!!! in!!! conversations!!!
  12. compliments to others arent insults to you
  13. give and you shall receive when it comes to sincere compliments
  14. specific compliments are best
  15. accept compliments with a smile and a thank you.
  16. leaders listen to others and consider their ideas.
  17. change will happen.
  18. small group work may be hell, but it happens through your whole life.
  19. the way you say stuff is important
  20. say stuff that is true, kind, and useful.
  21. fake friends aint worth it.
  22. be calm cool and collected.
  23. dont hide who you are. this is the most important thing on the list. be you kindly. be you honestly. be you
  24. be as clean as you can. people will judge you if youre unkempt.
  25. choose friends carefully.
  26. know your strength and respect yourself. do not let people hurt you.
  27. tell jokes. be polite.